Walk the last 100 km and enjoy your experience to Santiago de Compostela.

In this page you will find:

  1. useful information
  2. pictures from the last 100 kms of the Camino
  3. our tours
  4. the map of the last 100 kms starting from Sarria in the French way
  5. a cool video full of pictures we want to share with you

By walking the last 100 km to Santiago, pilgrims are entitled to receive the Compostela Certificate.


Did you know that 60% of the tours booked start at the last 100 kms?

Well, we will explain why:

  1. Most of the tourists walking on the Camino want to achieve the famous certificate.
  2. The Church states that the Compostela Certificate cleans up all your sins, so spiritually you will feel the benefit of the journey.
  3. It’s within 6/7 days, so it’s a perfect holiday for those who don’t have enough time to walk the full way from France.
  4. It’s full of bars, restaurants, taxies, and pilgrims, so it’s perfect for those who don’t feel safe on their first experience abroad in Spain (Spain is very safe though).
  1. Tour packages for this tour cover all the categories (just ask for a personalised offer):

    • Self-guided.
    • Luxury journeys.
    • Fully assisted and guided group.
    • You can request any kind of tour service.


    Our partner tour agencies will provide you with:

    1. accommodation booking;
    2. a book guide;
    3. detailed maps;
    4. pilgrim’s passport;
    5. luggage transport (if required);
    6. coach support (for groups if required);
    7. 24/7 phone assistance; and
    8. any additional extra service you have in mind.

Most recent ``Last 100 KM`` tours

Do you want to organise the Camino to walk the last 100 Kms by yourself? Get more information from the Official website of the Santiago de Compostela Local Government

The map here below is showing you exactly the way you are going to walk if you choose the last 100 km tour starting from Sarria. But to walk the last 100 km (as you will see at the bottom of the page) there are many options.

You could walk the last 100 kms starting from:

Video made from a couple who experienced walking the last 100 kms of the Camino Frances.

``Last 100 KM`` tours 2019:

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Spain, French Way, Last 100 km


7 days walking Bayona to Santiago – 100 km Tour
Last 100 km, Portugal, Portuguese Coastal Way


8 days walking pilgrimage from Tui – Tour
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