Did you know that the Portugal Coastal Way is one of the most scenic ways to Santiago?

Most of the packages for this tour are self-guided and your tour agency will provide you with:

  1. accommodation booking;
  2. a book guide;
  3. detailed maps;
  4. pilgrim’s passport;
  5. luggage transport (if required);
  6. coach support (for big groups if required); and
  7. 24/7 phone assistance.

``Coastal Way`` Tour 2019

Portuguese Coastal Way from Porto – Tour
Portugal, Portuguese Coastal Way


7 days walking Bayona to Santiago – 100 km Tour
Last 100 km, Portugal, Portuguese Coastal Way


Coastal Way MAP

Check out the Coasta way map and see how it is walking the Portuguese coastal way From Oporto.

You can also download this map on your phone!

Coastal Way Local Governmental website

Do you want to organise the Portuguese Central Way by yourself? Get more information from the Official website of the Santiago de Compostela Local Government

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