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Welcome to this page dedicated to Via Francigena Tours 2019.

We have created this website to help you to get a good orientation to walk the Via Francigena or a portion of it. If you have walked the Way of Saint James you have probably landed on this page looking for your next self-guided tour.

This time you have chosen Italy and it’s possibly a great choice if you want to walk a route in tranquillity and enjoy the great hospitality, delicious regional food with its wines.

We ( work with many tour agencies to make sure they compete to offer you the best tour service. Anytime you need a quick quote from a tour company just contact them and find the one that can offer you the best service.


I Keep reading to discover something more about  Via Francigena:

  1. Useful information
  2. Beautiful pictures we have taken in different parts of the Francigena way
  3. Via Francigena VS Camino de Santiago
  4. The map of the whole via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome (downloadable on your phone)
  5. A video with recommendations on how to pack and organise your backpack for your journey
  6. A very useful free app with maps that we recommend to download on your phone

Short history Of Via Francigena

Via Francigena in the past was the way to connect Rome with Canterbury and Santiago de Compostela.

Nowadays few pilgrims choose to walk the Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena because this way is not as famous as the Camino de Santiago. This number is growing because many Pilgrims after their Santiago Experience want to enjoy the Camino spirit and discover a new spiritual way.

Via Francigena Vs Camino de Santiago:


  1. You will not meet as many pilgrims as in Spain, so you might be walking almost alone (but during summer holidays Via Francigena could get quite busy).
  2. It’s a relatively new Camino way, so local people are not tired to see Pilgrims arriving and they are more likely to socialise.
  3. Italian Food.
  4. It’s beautiful Italy; You will not find any other incredible concentration of stunning landscapes and so many churches and museums to visit in the world.


  1. The daily Itineraries may be a little bit longer or shorter sometimes.
  2. There are not as many bars along the way as on the Way of Saint James.
  3. There are not many fountains along the way (but don’t worry ask the Italians help and you will get water). Just carry one extra bottle on your backpack.
  4. Accommodations might be a little bit far from the official route so you will have to walk a little more.

Tour packages for the Via Francigena

  • Self-guided.
  • Luxury journeys.
  • Fully assisted and guided-group.


Our partner tour agencies will provide you with:

    1. accommodation’s booking;
    2. a book guide;
    3. detailed maps;
    4. Via Francigena pilgrim’s passport;
    5. luggage transport (if required);
    6. coach support (for groups if required);
    7. 24/7 phone assistance; and
    8. any additional extra service you have in mind.

Exclusive ``Via Francigena`` tours 2019

Official website of the Via Francigena

Do you want to organise the Via Francigena by yourself and without a tour service? Just click on the link above and see what the official govenamental website of the via Francigena can offer you.


The map here below is showing you the whole Via Francigena way starting from Canterbury and arriving in Rome.

You could either walk one of the two tour options we offer:

VIDEO from Via Francigena

Steve Hackman explains you how to pack your backpack for the Via Francigena

Free Via Francigena APP

Download this free app for your tour on the Via Francigena.

The App is made from an Italian Pilgrims’ association: they keep it constantly up to date and their aim is to provide very useful information.

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