Seniors: We will take care of all your needs during your Camino.

Dear Seniors, the years have gone by fast but you feel you still have the energy to go walking the Way of Saint James of Compostela.


We will take care of any detail so you can have a comfortable experience.


Sure, you’ve heard that your neighbours are just back from Santiago and they had an extraordinary experience. But you wonder, “They are over 70, how did they accomplish that?”.  Maybe you are even older, but you still feel capable!

  • You could join a tour (with an experienced guide).
  • You could pick a self-guided tour that includes all comforts.
  • You could contact our tour agencies to get a personalised offer.

Our Camino travel partners have created tours to support seniors, with comfortable booking accommodations, luggage transportation from one stage to the next, and 24/7 phone assistance.

You could personalise your journey, deciding to walk as many or as few miles every day. This is what we recommend.


Walk a few miles per day without being in a rush and take all the time you need (no one is chasing you!).


Just check out our offers for seniors and book or contact any agency to get a personalised offer.

Camino For Senior Tours

7 days walking Bayona to Santiago – 100 km Tour
Last 100 km, Portugal, Portuguese Coastal Way


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