Choose a Perfect, Self-Guided Camino tour.

Self-guided tours: One or two weeks?

Most of the tour choices are self-guided, allowing you to walk independently for one or two weeks.

When you choose a self-guided tour, you will be walking independently (no local guide included).

Tour agencies offers

  1. Accommodation booking for each day of your journey. Accommodations are carefully selected to guarantee you a pleasant experience.
  2. Stages are selected to allow you to walk a maximum of 20 and 25 kms per day. You could personalise your journey by asking your tour agency to organise shorter distances.
  3. Useful maps or apps containing all the itineraries.
  4. A book guide (could be an app) with all the information, from the history of each place you visit to phone numbers for taxi companies you might need to call at any stage.
  5. Pilgrim passport that will allow you to request the Compostela certificate.
  6. Daily luggage transport so that you could walk lighter (optional).
  7. Your travel agent will provide you with 24/7 phone support (most of the time).

``Self-Guided`` Tours

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