Our Camino tours are designed to get you set up for your walking solo right-away.

Walking solo on your Camino trail.

(You might meet more people doing their own trail and for sure you will socialise. That’s it! You will end up knowing amazing people and getting new friends!)

When it’s about walking solo the Camino trail, there is always a special reason.


Is it spiritual or is it just a personal challenge? Do you see the Camino as an opportunity to start a new life?


Here we have published the most recent walking solo tours designed to get you started on your personal journey. These tours are self-guided. Our tour agencies will provide you with full accommodation booking according to how many kms or miles you decide to walk.

You will also get maps, a book guide, and in some cases a telephone to guarantee 24/7 full phone assistance. (You can also use your phone instead!) We want to make sure you walk your way, feeling entirely safe. In Spain, the Camino is fairly safe. You shouldn’t have any issues. We are also sure you will meet many new friends along the way.  Making new contacts and exchanging your information will give you even more safety.

``Walking Solo`` self-guided tours 2019

14 days – Porto to Santiago walking tour 2019
Portugal, Portugal Central Way


7 days walking Bayona to Santiago – 100 km Tour
Last 100 km, Portugal, Portuguese Coastal Way


8 days walking pilgrimage from Tui – Tour
Last 100 km, Portugal, Portugal Central Way


Last 100 km tour – Compostela Certification
Spain, French Way, Last 100 km