Earn the Compostela Certificate

The Compostela

Don’t forget to prepare yourself spiritually before the Camino.

What is “La Credencial del Peregrino”?

Immediately after booking a tour, our Official Camino Tour Companies will ship you the famous Pilgrim’s Passport, known in the Spanish language as “La Credencial”.  

How to earn “La Compostela”?

By getting a couple of stamps per day on your Pilgrim passport (from churches, bars, or associations you find during your walk), will entitle you receiving the “Compostela Certificate”.

Where can I get the Compostela Certificate in Santiago?

The compostela certificate will be provided to you at the central office for pilgrims situated close to the cathedral. It’s very easy to spot it, as it is very central. You might notice the long cue of pilgrims waiting to get their certificate.

Fun Fact

The Compostela Certificate has a spiritual meaning. It’s not just a certificate you get when you walk at least last 100 km or cycle a minimum of 200 km. For us, the Compostela Certificate is about your experience and your personal journey, the daily effort you put in your travels, and the extraordinary people you meet during your experience!

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